No Flame Lasts Forever

A side from the missing cushion for a seat, this is a perfectly good chair.  So why does it now rest on the side of the road next to some other garbage?  No Flame Lasts Forever.  Essentially whom ever the owner of this chair was, decided that its time in use was no longer needed.

It's sad to think that something as good as this chair, is easily disposable.  Essentially, everything we own, and are a part of are disposable.  We as consumers look to constantly replace things that are perfectly fine. Sadly, we also replace people just as easily.  

In a time where we are constantly scrolling through feeds and mass information, we rarely take the time to find value in anything.  The spark of something new rarely tends to last, and that flame almost never makes it to forever.

Let's go against the grain, take things slow, and learn to appreciate the things that we have.  We must start to learn how to repair and rebuild to prevent accumulation of objects that essentially have no meaning.